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Mode23 is all about basic and casual outfits. Our clothes are wearable on daily basis. We produce two seasonal collections a year i.e Summer & Winter and rather than going with the flow of trend, we believe in sustainable & evergreen fashion.

Our Story

Mode23 is a Nepali brand that believes in sustainable and ethical fashion. The company understands the value of foundational items. Our story started with a straightforward China-Nepal clothing company. However, we become aware of Nepal's lack of uniqueness as a result of the significant changes brought about by COVID. with this, we were unable to restrain ourselves from developing our own look, and as a result, we created our beloved mode23. High-quality, comfy styles that you may wear every day are a core value of our company. The benefit of choosing our brand is that it is cruelty-free, demonstrating that we value both fashion and the serenity of the world equally. Our brand has also been effective in hiring individuals and using human resources from within our nation, which directly benefits the country. every item that Mode23 release tells a tale because we believe in qualitative fashion rather than quantitative fashion. Although we collaborate and our designers bring ideas to the table, it is our devoted customers who make Mode a reality.


To earn global recognition as a reputable, authentic, and reliable Nepali brand and be synonymous with quality and affordability. We aimed to promote and uplift Local businesses creating employment opportunities for people and pave the way for a new generation to love and support local products.


Our vision is to be one of the most leading & successful Nepali clothing brands providing the best-valued products and services to global customers. We strive to be a caring and well-managed organization for our customers as well as employees and a responsible citizen to our society.


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